Q. How do I assemble KIT002?


Q. How Do I Clean My Kitology?

A. Wipe with a warm damp cloth. Use Mild Detergent if necessary. Note; we wouldn't recommend using any harsh chemicals (stain remover) as this could damage and discolour the product.

Q. How much weight does KIT003 hold when attached to KIT002?

A. KIT003 with tissue lid attached is designed to hold tissues only and not designed for storage of any other products when attached.

Q. Can I travel with Kitology?

A. Yes, but we recommend flat packing KIT002 as Perspex inserts could suffer damage whilst in transit.

Q. What can I use my Kitology for?

A. Most common use would be cosmetics but it is suitable for storage of anything.

Q. Where does Kitology deliver?

A. Worldwide.

Q. How long does delivery take?

A. We aim to have your order shipped within 1-2 days and it depends on the service ordered and your location.

Q. Do you offer pro/industry discount?

A. Not at this stage.

Q. What is your return/refund policy?

A. In accordance with Australian Consumer Law, we are not required to offer you a refund on returns due to change of mind/cancellation. Your returns must be received back to Kitology HQ within 30 days of receipt. For faulty or damaged product or any other order queries email the team at:  info@kitology.com.au